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Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked

Notice: Game is rather big, more than 20mb. Please wait until it loads. It works.

If you are ready to play one of the most popular zombie games, welcome to our website where you can enjoy the second part of the legendary Zombocalypse game. In the second chapter of the game you will discover even more new weapons and new items to make your gaming experience better and involve you in the game for hours. So, at the beginning of the Zombocalypse 2 game, you will see a small video about game storyline. If you press the skip button you will find yourself standing on the street with machete and hundreds of zombies that are coming to kill you. Your mission is simple enough – survive in this nightmare. It’s time to play the Zombocalypse 2 unblocked.

There are a lot of new options and items that you can enjoy in the second edition of the game. For example, here you will see a map, with buildings and roads. You can choose territory you want to clean up on your own. Try to make combo kills to get special perks, including air bomb attack and others. You will also notice some boxes that are falling from sky. Get those boxes to discover weapons, health and armor.

Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked is much better than the previous version of the game. The graphics is better as well as the whole gameplay. You can even set the appearance of your character and do many other interesting things. I hope that you will enjoy the game at our website. Remember that the game is very big and takes some time to load. Enjoy